The first Health Campus project arrives in Serbia outside the Italian borders. Two days dedicated to Serbian citizens and the start of a collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Belgrade. The initiative sees the supervision of the Municipality of Belgrade, the patronage of the Italian Embassy thanks to the honorary consul of Serbia in Naples, Marcello Lala.  The initiative sees the supervision of the Municipality of Belgrade, the patronage of the Italian Embassy thanks to the honorary consul of Serbia in Naples, Marcello Lala.”A beautiful initiative for Belgrade Health Campus citizens strengthens our friendship”. These are the words of the Italian ambassador to Belgrade, Carlo Lo Cascio, who commented on the initiative carried out in these two days and allowed over eight hundred free medical consultations. Event that was preceded by a meeting at the Faculty of Medicine with the Dean of the University and the reading “Chronic endocrine-metabolic diseases: prevention programs and sustainability” by the President of Campus Annamaria Colao, recently elected president for the next two years of the Italian Endocrinology Society. The day continued with a visit to the Belgrade Hospital and a focus in particular on endocrinologists.  Meeting with local institutions and the press conference at the Municipality of Belgrade. Then the free visits to the first Health Campus set up in Belgrade, right in front of the Belgrade Municipality where there was also the deputy mayor Andreja Mladenovic. Nutrition, Endocrinology and Cardiology clinics have been activated with the presence of Campus doctors and local doctors. Volunteers from the Campus and others from the local Red Cross and the HISPA association were also present.  “Prevention and a healthy lifestyle are at the center of our project. And we are honored to be able to take this initiative abroad. In this sense it was very important to be able to count on the collaboration of the honorary consul in Naples “, said Professor Annamaria Colao, who in the past ten years has carried out the project that has gradually spread throughout the peninsula. Only in 2018, for example, 10,700 medical examinations were carried out, over 25 thousand health services, 20 events throughout Italy, 6,000 students involved in a lot of sports disciplines accompanying the Campus in Italy.  “In these years we have been able to appreciate in Naples and not only the great opportunities offered by the Health Campus and it seemed to me a great opportunity for the country that I represent to be able to put together these excellences that are capable of having a great attention to the social, to the sport and obviously above all to health. A model that through a different dynamic allows the population to approach medicine in a less formal but equally effective way. A model that until now has been a winner for the Health Campus in Italy and that we hope will be successful in Serbia as well, “said Serbia‘s honorary consul in Naples, Marcello Lala, promoter of the initiative that aims to always unite more the communities of the two countries.  An experiment that is therefore already proving a success and that thanks to institutional collaborations has already laid the foundations for a long-lasting and ever-broader project that sees health in the center but that could expand even further. More than 700 free visits were given to the many citizens who came to the Campus. “The culture of prevention is fundamental for the health of citizens and we are very happy to be able to collaborate with the Serbian institutions to spread it also in this country. We have always aimed to promote a truly primary national prevention campaign which, in addition to guaranteeing a lowering of the percentage of patients, also reduces public health costs. Today we can say that the campaign is becoming international “, concluded the president of Campus Annamaria Colao.